Boston’s Award Winning Photographer

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Sharing information with parents and other photographers is something I enjoy.  I've been lucky to have been featured in a few magazines and online blogs.


Finalist (2016) Voice Competition Still Life Category

Print Publications

-Click Magazine March/April: In Between (Baby sessions)

-Lemonade & Lenses Newborn + Maternity Issue February 2017:

Creating Opportunities from Small Spaces and Light Challenges 

-Click Magazine September/October 2016: Voice Finalist Print

-Click Magazine January/February 2016: 4 Tips for Capturing the

Intimate and Powerful Bond Between a Parent and a Newborn

Photo Features

ClickinMoms (22 poses for sucessful pictures of children, families and adults)

ClickinMoms (28 Clever Juxtapositions)

In Beauty and Chaos (Portraits)

ClickinMoms (Soft and delicate)

Giggle and Goldfish (Everyday Favorites)

Travel the World Through Photos in 2 Minutes

Lemonade and Lenses (Weekly Favorite) 

ClickinMoms (Adore) 

Light Inspired (Hands)

Lemonade and Lenses (Weekly favorite)
In Beauty and Chaos (Joy)


she, A Smith Gallery (May 2017)

Arts in Bloom, Belmont Art Gallery, Belmont MA (March 2017)

Savinos (July 2016-March 2017) 

Online Publications

Clickin Moms: How to Easily Create a Photo Booth for a Kids' Event

ClickinMoms: 3 Questions that Will Help You Create Natural Newborn Photos

ClickinMoms: 7 Tips for Photographing Your Newborn and Energetic Toddler

Click Blog: Transition to Newborn Lifestyle Photography - 6 steps to success

ClickinMoms: My Photographic Journey
Boston Mamas: Photography Series

Session Features

Lemonade & Lenses 2016 Family Session

Lemonade & Lenses 2016 Newborn Session

Lemonade & Lenses 2015 Newborn Session